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Technical reports describe the progress or results of scientific and technical research, which may be funded by government agencies, foundations, universities or private industry. They deliver technical information to the funding organization for accountability. Government and academic reports are usually publicly available, though some government reports may be classified. Technical reports from private industry may be available only within the funding organization.

Technical reports may be published in paper, microform or online formats. Increasingly, they are available online. To find recent reports, search the specialized databases produced by funding organizations. These databases index the technical reports funded by the organization. Most of them offer the full-text of recent technical reports.

Technical Reports and Preprints
This list provides links to specialized databases that index technical reports and selected sites with full-text technical reports. Full-text sites include the DOE, EPA, NASA, IBM, Microsoft and the UCB Computer Science Division.

The Engineering Library also has over 700,000 uncataloged technical reports filed by report number. If you need to find the report number, search NTRL (UCB access only) for the report. The reference librarians in the Engineering Library can then help you locate the report in the collection.

NTRL  (UCB access only)
Indexes U.S. government-sponsored technical reports and includes reports from the DOE, EPA, NASA and other agencies. Some full text is available.

Freely available database that indexes U.S. government-sponsored technical reports published since 1964.

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