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Find Atlases, Maps, and Gazetteers

Atlases, maps, and gazetteers are available in print, microform, and electronic formats in several of the UC Berkeley libraries. The Library's primary collection of maps and other cartographic materials is located in the Earth Sciences & Map Library, 50 McCone Hall. Other campus collections include The Bancroft Library's historical maps of California and western North America and the East Asian Library's historical maps of Japan and gazetteers of East Asia. Maps and other cartographic materials at UC Berkeley can be located by searching the library catalogs.

OskiCat (UC Berkeley) and Melvyl (all UC campuses)
OskiCat is the catalog used to find maps and other items in most of the UC Berkeley libraries. Melvyl is the catalog of materials available from the libraries of the ten UC campuses and other research collections in the state; it also includes several UC Berkeley affiliated libraries not included in OskiCat.

The best way to find maps or atlases in these library catalogs is to search by "subject keyword" and limit the search by publication format "maps." Cartographic materials such as gazetteers, aerial photographs, and nautical charts can also be searched by "subject keyword." For some examples of subject searches, see Using Subject Headings to Find Maps and Atlases in the Online Catalogs. "Title keyword" searches are also useful for locating maps.

Some examples of common searches:

  • To find a topographic map of California, select "subject keyword" and type "topographic California." Limit the search by publication format "maps."

  • To find a gazetteer of Japan, select "subject keyword" and type "gazetteers Japan."

  • To find an online map of Alameda County, California, use "Basic Search" in Melvyl. Select "subject" and type "Alameda County maps." Limit the search to format "online resources."

Search and find maps
The Earth Sciences & Map Library's website is a good starting place for finding information about maps and atlases at UC Berkeley, in other collections, and on the internet.

Some good databases to start with are:

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