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Find Laws and Regulations

The resources available to find legal authority (i.e., laws and regulations) are vast and include different legislative bodies on the federal, state, and international level. Examples include statutes, regulations, court orders, and court decisions. These are generated by legislatures, courts, and administrative agencies. The Internet is developing as a serious source of legal information and the UC Berkeley Library also subscribes to a number of resources that offer access to current and historical law and regulations.

Initially many researchers turn to tools that provide summaries of a particular area of the law. Some examples are legal encyclopedias, law reviews and legal periodical articles provide interpretation of the law as well as detailed articles on particular legal topics.

Some of the web sources on this page are freely available to all. Searching OskiCat (UC Berkeley) and Melvyl (all UC campuses) can yield sources not hosted on the Web.

Web Sources

CQ Electronic Library   (UCB access only)
Reference resource for research in American government, politics, history, public policy, and current affairs. Includes links to the CQ Congress Collection and the CQ Supreme Court Collection and other full text Congressional Quarterly publications. These resources provide current as well as historical analysis of legislative and judicial issues.

Excellent legal web site that brings together many of the major legal resources.

GPO Access
Service of the U.S. Government Printing Office that provides free electronic access to a information products produced by the Federal Government. Included are congressional hearings, committee print and directory information, federal regulations, public laws, the Congressional Record and many more titles.

Legal Information Institute via Cornell University Law School
LII is known internationally as a leading "law-not-com" provider of public legal information. Provides all opinions of the United States Supreme Court handed down since 1992, together with over 600 earlier decisions selected for their historic importance, the Code of Federal Regulations and United States Code along with state constitutions and codes. Includes a series of "topical" pages that serve as concise explanatory guides and Internet resource listings for roughly 100 areas of law.

LexisNexis Congressional   (UCB access only)
Provides bill tracking services back to 1989, indexing and abstracts of congressional publications back to 1789, a 'hot topics' section, and full text of many congressional committee reports and testimony since 1994, regulations in the Code of Federal Regulations and Federal Register, the Congressional Record, and the National Journal. Includes with the Laws section the full text of Public laws, Statutes at Large and the United States Code Service.

Thomas: Legislative Information on the Internet
Provides access to a wide range of legislative information on the Congress, including the full text of the Congressional Record and bills from the 101st Congress (1989) to the present, as well as a directory of congressional committees and members of Congress. Excellent resource for finding quick, online legislative histories and the full-text of Congressional Committee reports.

Find Electronic Resources: Law and Legal Studies
Via a librarian-selected list of databases.

Subject Specific Laws and Regulations Listed on UC Berkeley Library Web Pages

Doe Library Government Information Basic Sources in International Law

Doe Library Government Information California Legislative & Regulatory Sources

Doe Library Government Information Congress / Legislative Branch

Doe Library Government Information Federal Regulations

Doe Library Government Information The Supreme Court / Judiciary

Environmental Design Library Building Codes & Regulatory Resources

Law Library Online Research

Sheldon Margen Public Health Library Legislative and Regulatory Resources

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