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Recent Acquisitions in Psychology

Last update: Wed, 16 Apr 2014 02:55:35 PDT

This list contains monographic titles cataloged or recataloged within the previous 60 days.

  1. Agency and joint attention / edited by Janet Metcalfe and Herbert S. Terrace. --
  2. All joy and no fun : the paradox of modern parenthood / Jennifer Senior. --
  3. Biopolitics : a reader / Timothy Campbell and Adam Sitze, editors. --
  4. Blind to sameness : sexpectations and the social construction of male and female bodies / Asia Friedman. --
  5. Blinded by sight : seeing race through the eyes of the blind / Osagie K. Obasogie. --
  6. Classrooms and clinics : urban schools and the protection and promotion of child health, 1870-1930 / Richard A. Meckel. --
  7. Clinical guide to depression and bipolar disorder : findings from the Collaborative Depression Study / editor-in-chief, Martin B. Keller co-editors, William H. Coryell ... [et al.]. -- c2013.
  8. Conservatism in Canada / edited by James Farney and David Rayside. --
  9. Culture and group processes / edited by Masaki Yuki and Marilynn Brewer. --
  10. Democracy, revolution and geopolitics in Latin America : Venezuela and the international politics of discontent / edited by Luis Fernando Angosto-Ferrández. --
  11. The depths : the evolutionary origins of the depression epidemic / Jonathan Rottenberg. --
  12. Embracing the wide sky : a tour across the horizons of the mind / Daniel Tammet. -- 2009.
  13. Enhancing the Brazil-EU strategic partnership : from the bilateral and regional to the global / edited by Michael Emerson and Renato Flores with contributions from Cinzia Alcidi, Monica Alessi, Alcides Costa Vaz, Christian Egenhofer, Michael Emerson, Lucas Ferraz, Renato G. Flôres, Alessandro Giovannini, Susanne Gratius, Giovanni Grevi, Daniel Gros, Emerson Marçal, Patrick Messerlin, Miriam Gomes Saraiva, Vera Thorstensen, Alfredo G.A. Valladão, Eduardo Viola. --
  14. The evolution of Winnicott's thinking : examining the growth of psychoanalytic thought over three generations / Margaret Boyle Spelman. --
  15. Faces inside and outside the clinic : a foucauldian perspective on cosmetic facial modification / by Tony McHugh. --
  16. Far from the tree : parents, children and the search for identity / Andrew Solomon. --
  17. Gentlemen's disagreement : Alfred Kinsey, Lewis Terman, and the sexual politics of smart men / Peter Hegarty. --
  18. Intuition / Elijah Chudnoff. -- 2013.
  19. John Dewey : science for a changing world / Svend Brinkmann. --
  20. Lacan, discourse, event : new psychoanalytic approaches to textual indeterminacy / edited by Ian Parker and David Pavón-Cuéllar. --
  21. Latino families in therapy / Celia Jaes Falicov. --
  22. Lessons from the Northern Ireland peace process / edited by Timothy J. White. -- c2013.
  23. Living with brain injury : narrative, community, and women's renegotiation of identity / J. Eric Stewart. --
  24. Mixed emotions : beyond fear and hatred in international conflict / Andrew A.G. Ross. --
  25. Mood : the key to understanding ourselves and others / Patrick M. Burke. --
  26. Music technology in therapeutic and health settings / edited by Wendy Magee foreword by Dr David W. Ramsey. --
  27. My culture, my color, my self : heritage, resilience, and community in the lives of young adults / Toby S. Jenkins. -- c2013.
  28. The philosophy of metacognition : mental agency and self-awareness / Joëlle Proust. --
  29. Play, playfulness, creativity and innovation / Patrick Bateson and Paul Martin. --
  30. Political aid and Arab activism : democracy promotion, justice, and representation / Sheila Carapico, University of Richmond. --
  31. Psychoanalysis is an antiphilosophy / Justin Clemens. --
  32. A psychological perspective on joy and emotional fulfillment / by Chris M. Meadows. --
  33. Psychologization and the subject of late modernity / Jan De Vos. -- 2013.
  34. Psychology of touch and blindness / Morton A. Heller and Edouard Gentaz. -- 2014.
  35. Public apology between ritual and regret : symbolic excuses on false pretenses or true reconciliation out of sincere regret? / edited by Daniël Cuypers, Daniel Janssen, Jacques Haers and Barbara Segaert. --
  36. Public policies in shared societies : a comparative approach / Mari Fitzduff. --
  37. Researching dyslexia in multilingual settings : diverse perspectives / edited by Deirdre Martin. --
  38. Specialty competencies in cognitive and behavioral psychology / Christine Maguth Nezu, Christopher R. Martell, Arthur M. Nezu. --
  39. Then they started shooting : children of the Bosnian War and the adults they become / Lynne Jones. --
  40. Thinking : the new science of decision-making, problem-solving, and prediction / edited by John Brockman. --
  41. The wounded storyteller : body, illness, and ethics / Arthur W. Frank. --
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