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This list contains monographic titles cataloged or recataloged within the previous 60 days.

  1. 2010 Census. Summary file 1 [electronic resource] : census of population and housing. -- [2012]
  2. 2013 TCWF-Field health policy survey / conducted by the Field Poll for the California Wellness Foundation. --
  3. The 2014-15 budget : analysis of the higher education budget / Legislative Analyst. --
  4. The 2014-15 budget : Proposition 98 education analysis / Legislative Analyst. --
  5. Abraham Lincoln's path to reelection in 1864 : our greatest victory / Fred J. Martin, Jr. --
  6. Administrative aspects of public welfare in California. September, 1938 ... -- [1938]
  7. Administrative evaluation of California State Relief Administration, November 1938 ... -- 1938]
  8. Alcohol sales and distribution : 2013 state legislation / by Heather Morton. --
  9. The American character, a conversation excerpts from the remarks of 28 participants in the Center's conference inaugurating its study of the American character. -- 1962]
  10. Aquatic invasive weeds in the Delta : impact and control / Senate Subcommittee on Invasive Species Senator Cathleen Galgiani, Chair. --
  11. Are Oakland schools moving too quickly on new funding plan? : Interim Superintendent Gary Yee wants to overhaul the district's system for providing money for schools, but some educators are worries it's happening too fast / by Mary Elizabeth Sullivan. --
  12. Autonomous vehicles : on the road to new technologies / by Anne Teigen. --
  13. Battle of the Bulb : eviction day nears for the homeless inhabitants of a colorful stretch of shoreline in Albany that nature lovers want cleared / by Carly Nairn. --
  14. Berkeley's unequal punishment of teachers : the school district disproportionately disciplines black teachers and older educators with high salaries : are students paying the price? / by Sam Levin. --
  15. Bringing bison back to the Badlands / by Todd Graham and Jeremy Gingerich edited by Laura E. Higgins. --
  16. Building a new California : the Kathleen Brown economic plan / Kathleen Brown. -- 1994.
  17. California supreme court : cities may ban medical marijuana dispensaries / by Gregory P. Priamos and Neil D. Okazaki. --
  18. California's thirsty almonds : how the water-intensive crop is helping drive the governor's $25 billion plan to ship water to the desert / by Joaquin Palomino. --
  19. Caring for infants and toddlers / [issue editor Mary B. Larner]. -- 2001.
  20. City of Jackson, Amador County, California, general plan : 1981. -- 1981]
  21. Civil rights and FSM : some background notes / Michael Rossman. --
  22. Cleaning up poor people : agenda behind Clean Up The Plaza threatens one of SF's last low-income neighborhoods / by Steven T. Jones. --
  23. Climate change planning on the rise : and use of parking reductions is up as well / William Fulton. --
  24. Cockfighting laws / by Jonathan Griffin. --
  25. The code of the city of La Palma, California. --
  26. Community-based Medicaid funding for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities / by Richard Hemp, David Braddock and Martha King. --
  27. Compilation of laws relating to mediation conciliation, and arbitration between employers and employees laws disputes between carriers and employers and subordinate officials under labor laws labor and child labor laws. Compiled by Elmer A. Lewis. -- 1949.
  28. Creating competitive advantages within the Southern California logistical network : February 28, 2014 field hearing the Port of San Diego pre hearing report / Assembly Committee on Jobs, Economic Development, and the Economy. -- 2014.
  29. Crime and politics : how an FBI probe of organized crime in Chinatown took down a senator and well-connected political consultant / by Steven T. Jones. --
  30. Crooked cops : SFPD officers indicted for abusing and stealing from the poor / by Steven T. Jones. --
  31. Design resources in the Oakland Central District : report / prepared by the staff of the Oakland City Planning Dept. illustrations by Joseph M. Kourakis. -- 1963.
  32. Developing divisions : thousands of housing units are coming to market, but not many locals can afford them / by Steven T. Jones. --
  33. District 3-4 plan / North York Planning Board. -- 1971.
  34. District 4-5 plan / North York Planning Board. -- 1971.
  35. Drought : driest year in California history sparks arid memories and previews the warmer world we're creating / by Steven T. Jones. --
  36. East Bay Congressman puts donor's daughter on payroll : using taxpayer funds, Eric Swalwell hired the child of a wealthy donor after she contributed to his political war chest, too / by Steven Tavares. --
  37. Employers' guide to unemployment insurance in Hawaii. -- 1951.
  38. Employment and payrolls of civilian employees in Hawaii, 1940-1949. -- 1950.
  39. Europe's contending identities : supranationalism, ethnoregionalism, religion, and new nationalism / edited by Andrew C. Gould, University of Notre Dame, Anthony M. Messina, Trinity College. --
  40. Expanding California's electorate : will recent reforms increase voter turnout? / Eric McGhee with research support from Daniel Krimm. -- 2014.
  41. Facing deficits, at least 39 states are imposing or planning cuts that hurt vulnerable residents / by Nicholas Johnson, Phil Oliff, and Jeremy Koulish. --
  42. The Federal Food Safety Modernization Act : impact of the proposed produce rule on California on-farm agricultural production : informational hearing / California Legislature, Senate Committee on Agriculture. --
  43. Friends in the shadows : how developers, corporations, and city contractors buy influence in San Francisco City Hall -- a 47th anniversary Guardian special investigation / by Rebecca Bowe and Joe Fitzgerald Rodriguez. --
  44. Good tech. --
  45. Greenwashing the war on drugs : law enforcement is now pointing to the environmental harms caused by pot farms in California forests to justify the ongoing drug war : but it was the drug war that sent growers into the woods / by David Downs. --
  46. The gritty life of a day laborer : the story of Fidel Antonia / by David Bacon. --
  47. Hillary Clinton, widely considered a probable 2016 presidential candidate, viewed very favorably by California voters / by Mark DiCamillo and Mervin Field. --
  48. Immigration reform and state trends / by Ann Morse and Gilberto Soria Mendoza. --
  49. Improving access to Medicaid dental benefits / by Bryan Kelley. -- 2014.
  50. Improving children's mental health / by Kristine Goodwin and Jennifer B. Saunders. --
  51. An incomplete vision : putting the governor's proposed 2014-15 budget in context / California Budget Project. -- 2014.
  52. Informational hearing, ballot initiatives for the November 2012 election : government reform and taxes / California Legislature, Senate Committee on Governance & Finance. -- [2012]
  53. Last stand at the Bulb : with Albany looking to clear a bayshore homeless encampment, residents brace for a conflict / by Carly Nairn. --
  54. Left turn? : civil rights attorney Dan Siegel launches Oakland mayoral campaign / by Rebecca Bowe. --
  55. Locally nourished : how a stronger regional food system improves the Bay Area. -- 2013.
  56. Making ends meet : how much does it cost to raise a family in California?. -- [2013]
  57. Making it fit : housing crisis triggers new calls to legalize and build more granny units / by Joe Fitzgerald Rodriguez. --
  58. March of the incumbents : most of Alameda County's elected officials are once again running unopposed this year, thanks to a political system that resembles patronage / by Steven Tavares. --
  59. The Napolitano files : the opportunistic immigration record of the new UC President / by Ashley Bates. --
  60. North Mississippi : a progress report on regional industrial development. -- [1953?]
  61. Not much support among statewide voters for having California's northern-most rural counties secede from the state or designate their counties as a territory / by Mark DiCamillo and Mervin Field. --
  62. Oakland Police have prioritized drug crimes over homicides : the department's crime lab now has a decade-long backlog of more than 650 homicide investigations with unexamined evidence, yet it processes 95 percent of drug cases in just 24 hours / by Ali Winston. --
  63. Oakland surveillance contractor lied on official documents : and city staffers appear to have known that the contractor was not telling the truth when it swore under penalty of perjury that it wasn't involved in nuclear weapons work / by Darwin BondGraham. --
  64. On the line : undocumented young activists risk arrest to block deportation bus, call for immigration reform / by Rebecca Bowe. --
  65. On the waterfront : initiative would give voters a say on big waterfront projects that violate zoning standards / by Steven T. Jones. --
  66. OPD promoted cops involved in Scott Olsen case : the department promoted two officers who were involved in a case in which the city agreed to pay an Iraq War vet $4.5 billion for the injuries he received / by Ali Winston. --
  67. Plan Bay Area : regional transportation plan and sustainable communities strategy for the San Francisco Bay Area 2013-2040. -- 2013.
  68. Political watchdog levies $1 million fine in dark money case / by Samantha Gallegos. --
  69. The Presidio strikes back : as George Lucas' tech-focused art museum duels with history and nature museums for a key spot on Crissy Field, the Presidio Trust considers going big and allowing all three / by Joe Fitzgerald Rodriguez. --
  70. The price of growth : development is booming in the eastern neighborhoods, but the money isn't there to cover the infrastructure needed to serve it / by Joe Fitzgerald Rodriguez. --
  71. Public health department accreditation / by Karmen Hanson. --
  72. Reformer outsted : environmental health director led progressive programs, resigned after mysterious investigation / by Rebecca Bowe. --
  73. Report and proposed legislation / Governor's Committee on Reorganization of the Government of New Castle County, Delaware. -- 1964]
  74. Report of temporary commission to examine and revise the tenement house law : January 30, 1928. -- 1928]
  75. Residents vs. tourists : how many rent-controlled apartments is Airbnb taking off SF's housing market? / by Steven T. Jones. --
  76. Rethinking PARIS data match : connecting veterans on Medi-Cal to federal benefits / [prepared by Rashi Kesarwani and Felix Su, and reviewed by Shawn Martin and Mark C. Newman]. -- [2013]
  77. A review of state budgetary practices for UC and CSU / prepared by Paul Golaszewski and reviewed by Jennifer Kuhn. --
  78. Rights and wrongs : police and prosecutors use bureaucratic confusion to keep assets they seize from the innocent / by Parker Yesko. --
  79. The rise of the new land lords : after gobbling up foreclosed homes in Oakland and other communities, wealthy corporate investors are now creating what Wall Street calls the "rentership society" / by Darwin BondGraham. --
  80. Rising to the challenge : why greater investment in K-12 education matters for California's students / Jonathan Kaplan. -- 2005.
  81. Robbing the 'hood : low-income residents in Oakland and cities throughout the state will likely face higher energy bills in the years ahead, while wealthy residents will see rate cuts / by John Hrabe. --
  82. The role of trade and foreign investment on the Inland Empire's regional economy : pre-hearing report / Assembly Committee on Jobs, Economic Development, and the Economy. --
  83. San Benito County transportation element. --
  84. San Francisco's untouchables : is San Francisco trying to help the homeless -- or drive them away? / by Rebecca Bowe. --
  85. Scott River Water Trust : improving stream flows the easy way / by Reed Watson edited by Laura Huggins. --
  86. Sit/lie committee broke Berkeley election laws : the city's ethics commission plans to fine the Yes on Measure S committee for failing to report more than fifty cash payments to Election Day workers / by Steven Tavares. --
  87. State advertising : industrial and commercial research at state colleges and universities : special inducements to industry. -- 1938.
  88. State and federal minimum wages / by Jeanne Mejeur. --
  89. Staying power : San Francisco tenants' movement rises up and sets the agenda / by Rebecca Bowe. --
  90. Still secret : SFPD won't allow public oversight of its surveillance work with the FBI, despite high-profile legislation requiring it / by Alex Montero. --
  91. A study and survey of the national-defense program in its relation to small business. Hearings before the Select Committee to Conduct a Study and Survey of the National Defense Program in its Relation to Small Business of the United States, House of Representatives, Seventy-seventh Congress, second session, on H. Res. 294. -- 1942.
  92. Summary of discussion draft of proposed instructional program for "Desegregation 1968" / Berkeley Unified School District. --
  93. Survey report on the rental and housing market. -- 1961.
  94. Suspending judgment : SFUSD considers alternatives to suspensions that some say unfairly impact students of color / by Joe Fitzgerald Rodriguez. --
  95. Targeting homeless encampments : the City of Oakland is partnering with nonprofits to eliminate homeless encampments and steer people into emergency housing / by Madeleine Key. --
  96. A teacher's view of black social studies / Richard D. Navies. --
  97. Tragedy follows strike : two workers killed by BART train the district was using on a "training run" despite safety warnings from the striking unions / by Joe Fitzgerald Rodriguez and Steven T. Jones. --
  98. Transforming transportation with electricity / by Kristy Hartman and Jaime Rall. --
  99. Two in three Californians support actions to combat global warming : seven in ten back the state's greenhouse gas reduction law / by Mark DiCamillo and Mervin Field. -- 2013.
  100. Understanding Alzheimer's disease : a review of medical advancements and efforts to address the societal, economic, and personal toll of an impending public health crisis / by Malaika Singleton. -- 2013.
  101. Understanding state mandates and suspended mandates : local government impacts / by Tim Cromartie. --
  102. Vaccination effort, religious exemption at odds / by Greg Lucas. --
  103. Voter concerns about risk factors for obesity and diabetes have eclipsed other health concerns facing California kids over the past 10 years / by Mark DiCamillo and Mervin Field. --
  104. What a waste : Oakland has launched a crackdown on illegal dumping, but the effort doesn't address the needs of many city residents, and it's not sustainable / by Sam Levin. --
  105. What jobs? : economic recovery is lopsided -- and disorganization in the city's workforce development system doesn't help / by Rebecca Bowe. --
  106. When private patrols pull the trigger : a security guard who was supposed to be unarmed shot a burglary suspect in Oakland, raising questions about the legal risks of hiring private companies to patrol neighborhoods / by Sam Levin. --
  107. Why black students are avoiding UC Berkeley : in the post-Prop. 209 era, nearly 60 percent of African-American students accepted at Cal are choosing to attend other colleges -- often because they feel unwelcome / by J. Douglass Allen-Taylor. --
  108. Why have sales taxes grown slower than the economy? / [prepared by Chas Alamo, and reviewed by Marianne O'Malley]. -- [2013]
  109. Your opportunity in management. -- 1948.
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