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Recent Acquisitions in Education

Last update: Fri, 1 Aug 2014 03:13:59 PDT

This list contains monographic titles cataloged or recataloged within the previous 60 days.

  1. Ability, equity, & culture : sustaining inclusive urban education reform / edited by Elizabeth B. Kozleski, Kathleen King Thorius. --
  2. Affirmative action matters : creating opportunities for students around the world / edited by Laura Dudley Jenkins and Michele S. Moses. --
  3. African American women educators : a critical examination of their pedagogies, educational ideas, and activism from the nineteenth to the mid-twentieth century / edited by Karen A. Johnson, Abul Pitre, and Kenneth L. Johnson foreword by Ceola Ross Baber. --
  4. Agency and participation in childhood and youth : international applications of the capability approach in schools and beyond / edited by Caroline Sarojini Hart, Mario Biggeri and Bernhard Babic. --
  5. American school reform : what works, what fails, and why / Joseph P. McDonald with Jolley Bruce Christman, Thomas B. Corcoran, Norm Fruchter, Milbrey W. McLaughlin, Gordon Pradl, Gabriel Reich, Mark Smylie, Joan Talbert. --
  6. Big-city school reforms : lessons from New York, Toronto, and London / Michael Fullan, Alan Boyle. --
  7. The bilingual mind : and what it tells us about language and thought / Aneta Pavlenko. --
  8. Black Panther Party and transformative pedagogy : place-based education in Philadelphia / Omari L. Dyson. --
  9. Burning cash : how costly public school failures have charred the American dream / Justin Collins. --
  10. Can schools survive? : questions to ask, actions to take / Keen Babbage. --
  11. Chasing literacy : reading and writing in an age of acceleration / Daniel Keller. --
  12. Class warfare : class, race, and college admissions in top-tier secondary schools / Lois Weis, Kristin Cipollone, and Heather Jenkins. --
  13. Cognitive capital : investing in teacher quality / Arthur L. Costa, Robert J. Garmston, Diane P. Zimmerman foreword by Michael Fullan. --
  14. Comparative and international education : an introduction to theory, method, and practice / David Phillips and Michele Schweisfurth. --
  15. Death of a suburban dream : race and schools in Compton, California / Emily E. Straus. --
  16. Educating children without housing : a primer on legal requirements and implementation strategies for educators, advocates and policymakers : pursuant to the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act / prepared by Lisa M. Coleman, Barbara J. Duffield, Laurene M. Heybach, Patricia F. Julianelle edited by Amy E. Horton-Newell, Casey Trupin. --
  17. Education, childhood and anarchism : talking Colin Ward / edited by Catherine Burke and Ken Jones. --
  18. Education in North America / edited by D.E. Mulcahy, D.G. Mulcahy and Roger Saul. --
  19. Fear and learning in America : bad data, good teachers, and the attack on public education / John Kuhn foreword by Diane Ravitch. -- c2014.
  20. From class to identity : the politics of education reform in former Yugoslavia / Jana Bacevic. --
  21. Gender and sexualities in education : a reader / Elizabeth J. Meyer and Dennis Carlson, editors. --
  22. Handbook of moral and character education / edited by Larry Nucci, Darcia Narvaez and Tobias Krettenauer. --
  23. Hold fast to dreams : a college guidance counselor, his students, and the vision of a life beyond poverty / Beth Zasloff and Joshua Steckel. --
  24. The Imperial University : academic repression and scholarly dissent / Piya Chatterjee and Sunaina Maira, editors. --
  25. Lessons from the virtual classroom : the realities of online teaching / Rena M. Paloff, Keith Pratt. --
  26. LGBTQ youth and education : policies and practices / Cris Mayo. --
  27. Lorenzo Milani, the School of Barbiana, and the struggle for social justice / Federico Batini, Peter Mayo, and Alessio Surian. --
  28. Lost classroom, lost community : Catholic schools' importance in urban America / Margaret F. Brinig and Nicole Stelle Garnett. --
  29. Making policy in turbulent times : challenges and prospects for higher education / edited by Paul Axelrod, Roopa Desai Trilokekar, Theresa Shanahan, Richard Wellen. --
  30. Making room for one another : dynamic and designed dialogicality in a kindergarten classroom / Gerri August. --
  31. Men of color in higher education : new foundations for developing models for success / edited by Ronald A. Williams foreword by Freeman A. Hrabowski, III. --
  32. Neoliberalism's war on higher education / Henry A. Giroux. --
  33. The nine elements of a sustainable campus / Mitchell Thomashow afterword by Anthony Cortese. --
  34. Official knowledge : democratic education in a conservative age / Michael W. Apple. --
  35. Ordinary theologies : religio-spirituality and the leadership of Black female principals / Noelle Witherspoon Arnold. --
  36. The "other" students : Filipino Americans, education, and power / edited by Dina C. Maramba, Rick Bonus. --
  37. Pedagogy of solidarity / Paulo Freire, patron of Brazilian education, Ana Maria Araújo Freire, Walter de Oliveira foreword by Henry A Giroux. --
  38. Political agendas for education : from race to the top to saving the planet / Joel Spring. --
  39. Producing good citizens : literacy training in anxious times / Amy J. Wan. --
  40. The professional teacher educator : roles, behaviour, and professional development of teacher educators / by Mieke Lunenberg, VU University, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Jurriën Dengerink, VU University, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and Fred Korthagen, Utrecht University, the Netherlands. --
  41. Public policy challenges facing higher education in the American West / edited by Lester F. Goodchild, Richard W. Jonsen, Patty Limerick, and David A. Longanecker. -- 2014.
  42. Race, empire, and English language teaching : creating responsible and ethical anti-racist practice / Suhanthie Motha. --
  43. Radical possibilities : public policy, urban education, and a new social movement / Jean Anyon. --
  44. Raza studies : the public option for educational revolution / edited by Julio Cammarota and Augustine Romero foreword by David Stovall. --
  45. "Re-membering" history in student and teacher learning : an Afrocentric culturally informed praxis / Joyce E. King and Ellen E. Swartz with Linda Campbell, Shonda Lemons-Smith, Ericka López. -- 2014.
  46. Restoring opportunity : the crisis of inequality and the challenge for American education / Greg J. Duncan and Richard J. Murnane. --
  47. School and district leadership in an era of accountability / edited by Bruce Barnett University of Texas at San Antonio, Alan R. Shoho, University of Texas at San Antonio, Alex J. Bowers, Teachers College, Columbia University. --
  48. School bullying : new theories in context / edited by Robin May Schott, Dorte Marie Søndergaard. --
  49. Strike for America : Chicago teachers against austerity / by Micah Uetricht. -- 2014.
  50. The students of Sherman Indian School : education and native identity since 1892 / Diana Meyers Bahr. --
  51. Teachers versus the public : what Americans think about schools and how to fix them / Paul E. Peterson, Michael Henderson, and Martin R. West. --
  52. The thinking teacher / Oliver Quinlan. --
  53. Transforming students : fulfilling the promise of higher education / Charity Johansson and Peter Felten. -- 2014.
  54. Unintended consequences: lessons learned : an educational journey / Joe Franks and Herb Appenzeller. --
  55. Unshackled : education for freedom, student achievement, and personal emancipation / Greg Wiggan, Ph. D., Lakia Scott, Marcia Watson and Richard Reynolds. --
  56. US education in a world of migration : implications for policy and practice / Edited by Jill Koyama and Mathangi Subramanian. --
  57. We got next : urban education and the next generation of Black teachers / Lynnette Mawhinney foreword by H. Richard Milner IV afterword by Carol R. Rinke. --
  58. What schools teach us about religious life / Daniel R. Heischman. --
  59. When middle-class parents choose urban schools : class, race, and the challenge of equity in public education / Linn Posey-Maddox. --
  60. Why half of teachers leave the classroom : understanding recruitment and retention in today's schools / Carol R. Rinke. --
  61. Wise Latinas : writers on higher education / edited and with an introduction by Jennifer De Leon. --
  62. Youth community inquiry : new media for community and personal growth / edited by Bertram C. Bruce, Ann Peterson Bishop and Nama R. Budhathoki. --
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