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This list contains monographic titles cataloged or recataloged within the previous 60 days.

  1. 3D recording and modelling in archaeology and cultural heritage : theory and best practices / edited by Fabio Remondino, Stefano Campana. --
  2. Ancient costumes of Iraq : Sumerian, Babylonian, Assyrian. -- 2009.
  3. Ancient Iran and its neighbours : local developments and long-range interactions in the fourth millennium BC / edited by Cameron A. Petrie with contributions by John R. Alden, Hajar Askari, Hossein Azizi Kharanaghi, Rachel Ballantyne, Gian Luca Bonora, Jacob Dahl, Morteza Djamali, Hassan Fazeli, Barbara Helwing, Vanessa M.A. Heyvaert, Kristen Hopper, Matthew Jones, Carla Lancelotti, Marjan Mashkour, Roger Matthews, Bernadette McCall, Benjamin Mutin, Dariosh Norolahie, Cameron A. Petrie, Holly Pittman, Susan Pollock, Daniel T. Potts, Mitchell Rothman, Alireza Sardari, Lora Stevens, Christopher P. Thornton, Hamid Reza Valipour, Massimo Vidale, Lloyd Weeks, Tony J. Wilkinson and Henry T. Wright. --
  4. Anglophone literatures in the Asian diaspora : literary transnationalism and translingual migrations / Karen An-hwei Lee. --
  5. An anthropologist's arrival : a memoir / Ruth M. Underhill edited by Chip Colwell-Chanthaphonh and Stephen E. Nash. --
  6. Anthropology in theory : issues in epistemology / edited by Henrietta L. Moore and Todd Sanders. --
  7. The anthropology of eastern religions : ideas, organizations, and constituencies / Murray J. Leaf. --
  8. Antinoupolis / a cura di Rosario Pintaudi. -- 2008-
  9. The archaeology of Mesoamerican animals / edited by Christopher M. Götz and Kitty F. Emery. --
  10. The archaeology of prehistoric Arabia : adaptation and social formation from the neolithic to the Iron Age / Peter Magee. --
  11. An archaeology of the troubles : the dark heritage of Long Kesh/Maze Prison / Laura McAtackney. --
  12. Ashkelon. -- 2008-
  13. Aspects of history and epic in ancient Iran : from Gaumāta to Wahnām / M. Rahim Shayegan. --
  14. Aztec philosophy : understanding a world in motion / James Maffie. --
  15. Barely surviving or more than enough? : the environmental archaeology of subsistence, specialisation and surplus food production / edited by Maaike Groot, Daphne Lentjes and Jørn Zeiler. --
  16. Biography of a hacienda : work and revolution in rural Mexico / Elizabeth Terese Newman. --
  17. Classical sociology beyond methodological nationalism / edited by Massimo Pendenza. --
  18. Conceiving Cuba : reproduction, women, and the state in post-Soviet Cuba / Elise Andaya. --
  19. Conscientious objectors in Israel : citizenship, sacrifice, trials of fealty / Erica Weiss. -- c2014.
  20. Conspiracy of silence : Queensland's frontier killing-times / Timothy Bottoms. --
  21. Culture, conflict, and counterinsurgency / edited by Thomas H. Johnson and Barry Scott Zellen. --
  22. Current Research in Egyptology 2012 : Proceedings of the Thirteenth Annual Symposium : University of Birmingham 2012 / edited by Carl Graves [and others]. -- 2013.
  23. Dead birds do tell tales : zooarchaeological evidence of human impacts on the avifauna of Agakauitai, Mangareva, French Polynesia / by Allison Wolfe. -- 2014.
  24. Difference of a different kind : Jewish constructions of race during the long eighteenth century / Iris Idelson-Shein. -- c2014.
  25. Doing emotions history / edited by Susan J. Matt and Peter N. Stearns. -- [2014]
  26. Domesticating youth : youth bulges and their socio-political implications in Tajikistan / Sophie Roche. --
  27. Eating the past in the present : recipes from 16th century Crete / by Rachel Krasner. -- 2014.
  28. Egipto y el Egeo a comienzos de la XVIII dinastía : una visión de sus relaciones, antecedentes e influencia iconográfica / Inmaculada Vivas Sainz. --
  29. An empire of others : creating ethnographic knowledge in imperial Russia and the USSR / edited by Roland Cvetkovski and Alexis Hofmeister. --
  30. Engaging with capitalism : cases from Oceania / edited by Fiona McCormack, Kate Barclay. --
  31. Excavate history at El Presidio : imagining the past / by Audra Wingard. -- 2014.
  32. Excavations and surveys at the Law Ting Holm, Tingwall, Shetland : an Iron Age settlement and medieval assembly site / Joris Coolen, Natascha Mehler with contributions by Günther K. Kunst, Zoe Outram, Sam E. Harris, Cathy M. Batt, Louise Brown, Erich Nau, Michael Doneus, Anthony Newton, and Karin Wiltschke-Schrotta. --
  33. Excavations at Francavilla Marittima 1991-2004 : matt-painted pottery from the Timpone della Motta / Marianne Kleibrink, Lucilla Barresi, Marianna Fasanella Masci. --
  34. Experimenting with social norms : fairness and punishment in cross-cultural perspective / edited by Jean Ensminger and Joseph Henrich. --
  35. Exploring the senses / editors, Axel Michaels & Christoph Wulf. -- 2014
  36. The Farm Bill : power, access, and political representation / by Naomi C. Reimer. -- 2014.
  37. Femmes du Maghreb au présent : la dot, le travail, l'identité / sous la direction de Monique Gadant, Michèle Kasriel. -- 1992.
  38. First peoples of Canada : masterworks from the Canadian Museum of Civilization / Jean-Luc Pilon and Nicholette Prince with a foreword by Douglas Cardinal contributions by Ian Dyck, Andrea Laforet, and Eldon Yellowhorn. --
  39. Framing Jewish culture : boundaries and representations / edited by Simon J. Bronner. --
  40. From these bare bones : raw materials and the study of worked osseous objects : proceedings of the raw materials session at the 11th ICAZ Conference, Paris, 2010 / edited by Alice Choyke and Sonia O'Connor. --
  41. The golden wave : culture and politics after Sri Lanka's tsunami disaster / Michele Ruth Gamburd. --
  42. Grassroots literacies : lesbian and gay activism and the Internet in Turkey / Serkan Görkemli. --
  43. Grey cells or Fat Cells? : a speculative hypothesis for the success of Homo sapiens / by Suzanne Ubick. -- 2014.
  44. Ivories from Nimrud (1949-1963). -- c1967-
  45. Japanese tourism : spaces, places, and structures / edited by Carolin Funck and Malcolm Cooper. --
  46. Lateglacial and postglacial pioneers in Northern Europe / edited by Felix Riede, Miikka Tallavaara. --
  47. The life within : classic Maya and the matter of permanence / Stephen Houston. --
  48. The linking of arms and other acts of protest : tracing 2011 and 2012 folkloric performances of the Occupy Movement in the Bay Area / by. -- 2013.
  49. Maya figurines : intersections between state and household / by Christina T. Halperin. --
  50. Medicine, healing and performance / edited by Effie Gemi-Iordanou, Stephen Gordon, Robert Matthew, Ellen McInnes, Rhiannon Pettitt. --
  51. Millets, rice and farmers : phytoliths as indicators of agricultural, social and ecological change in Neolithic and Bronze Age central China / Alison Ruth Weisskopf. --
  52. Myos Hormos-Quseir al-Qadim : Roman and Islamic ports on the Red Sea / edited by David Peacock and Lucy Blue assisted by Jill Phillips and Penny Copeland with contributions by Dionisius Agius ... [et al.] illustrations by Penny Copeland, Graeme Earl and Jill Phillips. -- c2006-
  53. Nasleđivanje između običaja i zakona / Jadranka Đorđević Crnobrnja. -- 2011.
  54. New lives for ancient and extinct crops / edited by Paul E. Minnis. --
  55. Nomadism in Iran : from antiquity to the modern era / D.T. Potts. --
  56. The "obese medieval monk" : a multidisciplinary study of a sterotype / Pip Patrick. --
  57. Otium cum dignitate : Festschrift für Angelika Geyer zum 65. Geburtstag : Studien zur Archäologie und Rezeptionsgeschichte der Antike / Dennis Graen, Mareike Rind, Henning Wabersich (Hrsg.). --
  58. The Oxford handbook of the archaeology of death and burial / edited by Sarah Tarlow and Liv Nilsson Stutz. --
  59. The paradox of authenticity in a globalized world / edited by Russell Cobb. --
  60. A prophetic trajectory : ideologies of place, time and belonging in an Angolan religious movement / Ruy Llera Blanes. --
  61. Public secrets of law : rape trials in India / Pratiksha Baxi. --
  62. Report on the excavation of a Romano-British site in Wortley, South Gloucestershire / David Wilson, Alan Bagnall, Beryl Taylor with contributions from Michael J. Allen, Rosemary Braithwaite, Blue Circle Technical Centre, Tony Boxall, Janet Cooper, Hugh Corrie, Martin Henig, Mark Maltby, Fiona Roe, Erica Utsi, Bruce Waddell, Jenny Waring, John Peter Wild, David Williams, and Kay Wood. --
  63. Repositioning the jornalero : the construction of self-worth among Latin American day laborers / by Celina Doria. -- 2014.
  64. The Return / Adrain Chesser in collaboration with ritualist Timothy White Eagle. -- c2014.
  65. Return to the land of the head hunters : Edward S. Curtis, the Kwakwạkạ'wakw, and the making of modern cinema / edited by Brad Evans and Aaron Glass. --
  66. Rights to culture : heritage, language, and community in Thailand / edited by Coeli Barry. --
  67. The Routledge handbook of the bioarchaeology of human conflict / edited by Christopher Knüsel and Martin J. Smith. --
  68. Shamanic regalia in the Far North / Patricia Rieff Anawalt. --
  69. Silbury Hill : the largest prehistoric mound in Europe / edited by Jim Leary, David Field and Gill Campbell principal illustrator Eddie Lyons other illustrations by Deborah Cunliffe, Judith Dobie, Chris Evans and John Vallender contributions by Polydora Baker [and 37 others]. --
  70. Die Stadtgeschichte des römischen Salzburg : Befunde und Funde bis 1987 / Günther E. Thüry. --
  71. Tribal development in Western India / editors, Amita Shah, Jharna Pathak. --
  72. La villa rustica di C. Olius Ampliatus, suburbio sud-orientale di Napoli (Ponticelli) / Sergio Cascella, Giuseppe Vecchio. --
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