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Find Conference Proceedings

Conference proceedings are the published records of presentations at conferences and other professional meetings. They may contain abstracts, extended abstracts or complete papers. Research results are often presented at conferences before they appear in journal articles. Conference proceedings can be found by searching library catalogs for the name of the conference.

OskiCat (UC Berkeley)
OskiCat is the catalog for most of the UC Berkeley libraries. It does not include some of the affiliated libraries that are located on campus. For a full list of included libraries, see What's Included in OskiCat.


  • Use the Advanced Keyword Search option.
  • Choose Any Field: as your search type.
  • Enter unique keywords from the conference name as your search.
  • Limit your search to Conference under the Conference Publications option.

These methods work for many but not all conference proceedings. Conference proceedings may be treated as books or journals, which can make them difficult to find. For more information, see the guide on How to Find Conference Proceedings.

To find conference papers, search article databases or indexes as you would for journal articles. These databases index articles published in journals, magazines, newspapers, government documents, conference proceedings, and other sources. Some databases offer the complete text of the paper. Others list only the citation, which you can use to look for an online or printed copy.

Article Databases by Subject
These lists will help you identify a selective group of databases to search publications core to particular disciplines.

Article Databases A-Z
This complete listing of all databases is useful if you are familiar with the names of databases, or wish to browse all indexes available.

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