The Interlibrary Lending Photoduplication Service (ILLP) provides access through photoreproduction to the material in the libraries of the University of California at Berkeley. We supply a variety of services, from scans of journal articles to technical photographic work, including glossy and matte prints, negatives, slides, microfilm, and digital imaging of maps and other material.

(510) 642-1598


Photoduplication service is available to any institution or individual.


All reproductions are supplied in compliance with U.S. Copyright Law (Title 17, U.S. Code). The Library can neither grant nor refuse permission to use material to which it does not hold copyright. The Library retains all rights to commercial reproduction of material to which it does hold copyright.

Submitting Requests

Libraries making OCLC requests:

List CUY twice consecutively in the Lender String.

Online Request Form

Use our Request Form for photoduplication from monographs, journals, and other formats. Also use this form when requesting digital reproductions.

Map Duplication Form

For map duplication requests, use the Map Duplication Form. Rush service is not available for map duplication.

Fax requests:

Use ALA form, company letterhead, or purchase order. If possible, form, letterhead, or purchase order should be typed.
Fax number: (510) 643-8476

Mail requests:

Use of the standard ILL form is preferred; official letterhead or purchase orders also accepted. Please submit a separate request for each journal or monographic title with your complete address on each page. If possible, form, letterhead, or purchase order should be typed.

Telephone requests are not accepted.


We accept payment by invoice or IFM. We do not accept any vouchers as payment for ILL activity.

Reproductions from hard copy originals

$17.00 per item: 1-50 scans
$33.00 per item: 51-150 scans
$50.00 per item: 151-250 scans
$66.00 per item: 251-350 scans
$83.00 per item: 351-450 scans
$99.00 per item: 451-550 scans
$115.00 per item: 551-650 scans
$132.00 per item: 651-750 scans
$149.00 per item: 751-850 scans
$165.00 per item: 851-950 scans

Rush Processing (available for up to 150 pages):

$33.00 per item, 1-50 scans: processed in 24 hours
$50.00 per item, 51-150 scans: processed in 24 hours
$50.00 per item, 1-50 scans: processed in 4 hours
$66.00 per item, 51-150 scans: processed in 4 hours

Digital Reproduction (publication-quality):

$40.00 per single-image scan from bound original
$35.00 per single-image scan from unbound original

Map Duplication:

$25.00 per image: delivered online to our server for download
$30.00 per image: delivered on DVD
$40.00 per image: delivered on USB drive
$45.00 per image: delivered printed on paper

Extra Labor:

$20.00 per hour/prorated
In addition to copying fees, a research fee is charged for orders requiring unusual staff effort. In these cases, work will not proceed until authorized.


Postage is generally included. Completed work is sent first class mail within the U.S., airmail outside of the U.S. Delivery by Fed Ex is available, billed to your Fed Ex account. Other delivery options may be arranged. Additional fees may apply.


Cost quotes for other technical photographic work are available on request.

Digital Reproduction

Digital reproduction of items in the U.C. Berkeley collection may be requested using the Photoduplication request form.

Berkeley'ís Digital Imaging Lab (DIL) produces high-resolution images (up to publication quality) from bound and unbound originals. The charge for single-image scans from bound originals is $40.00. The charge for single-image scans from unbound originals is $35.00. Pre-payment is required, and accepted forms of payment are credit card, check, and departmental re-charge account.

Turnaround time for DIL projects is approximately seven business days, though this may vary depending on the work load. Rush processing is available, though this will double the cost of the job. Scanned images are posted to the web, and the requestor is sent a secure, temporary link.

Map Duplication

Maps are scanned at 400dpi and are made available as TIFF files, via e-mail, DVD, USB drive, or print format.

Dissertations and Theses

Doctoral dissertations from September 1962-December 1970, and from December 1975 on, are available from ProQuest.

All other Berkeley dissertations and theses should be requested from the Photoduplication Section. Most dissertations and theses are scanned and transmitted electronically.

Microfilm reproductions are available for $55.00 domestic/$60.00 overseas. Paper reproductions may be available for some works. Contact the Photoduplication Section for availability and cost estimate.


Orders from individuals:

Prepayment required: price quotations will be provided (quote fee assessed for large orders.)

Orders from libraries, other organizations, and businesses:

Invoicing done monthly.

Prepayment required in some cases, e.g., for large orders.

Foreign requesters:

Prepayment by credit card, cashier's check, or traveler's check may be required.


All payments must be in US funds.

Payment may be made by check or money order (payable to the U.C. Regents), Or by Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Discover.

For credit card payment, please supply:
1) The name on the card
2) The card number
3) The expiration date
Please do not send cash or wire transfer. Please do not send credit card information via e-mail.