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Library Resources for Persons with Disabilities

Questions? Ask Us!

The Library at UC Berkeley is committed to principles of equal access for those with disabilities, including:

If you are hard-of-hearing or have deafness, you may reach us through the California Relay Service.

Each of the campus libraries has a disability access contact person, whose name may be found on the list of Library Contacts for Users with Disabilities. Another resource is the Library’s Disability Access Liaison Keri Klein who may be reached by email at

Students: some Library services for students with disabilities require students to be registered with The Disabled Students' Program (DSP), 260 Cesar Chavez Student Center, (510) 642-0518 or (510) 642-6376 (TTY). DSP offers a wide range of services for UC Berkeley students with disabilities that are individually designed and based on the specific needs of each student as identified by Disability Specialists.

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