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Job Hunting in Planning, Architecture, and Landscape Architecture

This is an annotated guide to online and print information for UC Berkeley students job hunting in the professions of city, regional, and environmental planning; architecture; and landscape architecture. An excellent campus resource is the UC Berkeley Career Center which offers career and graduate school counselling as well as access to a comprehensive career planning and graduate school resource center. The Career Counseling Library is another great campus resource.


Content reviewed by Jenna Jackson, February 2013. Compiled by Deborah Sommer.

Career Planning

Note that these professions overlap in focus, so career guides in several areas may be of interest.


Architecture & Design

City Planning & Urban Design

Environmental Planning


Look also in city and environmental planning listings for additional GIS job hunting information.

Landscape Architecture


Job Openings & Internships

Web Sites — Professional and academic association sites are useful.

For additional ideas see the Job Hunting Strategies section of this guide.

Job Openings: General

See also LinkedIn to find job openings and post résumés.

Job Openings: Career-Specific

hot Planning jobs (UC Berkeley, Dept. of City & Regional Planning)


tip Check the Web sites listed in the Job Openings section of this guide for internships.


Job Hunting Strategies

Getting Started

Researching Prospective Employers

Learn about your prospective employer by doing some advance research.
tipCreate a list of companies you are interested in and periodically check for new positions or sign up for email notifications of new positions.

Writing Resumes & Cover Letters

tipGet a copy of the Job and Internship guide from the career center-sections on resumes, interviews, etc.

Creating Portfolios

Potential employers of design professionals usually require a portfolio of your work as part of the application process. Refer to these sources to help you prepare an effective portfolio.


Many additional titles on interviewing are available in the Business Library.


Prepare for your salary negotiations. Research information about current salary trends. The campus Career Center also has useful titles.

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