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Sciences Council

The Sciences Council is one of three subject councils within the Library. For more information on the structure of library councils, see the Library Organization Chart.

Each subject council will have representatives from every library unit that manages collections relevant to the subject of the council. More than one staff member of a library unit may attend a specific subject council. Each subject council may add additional members to its group, either temporarily or permanently, if unique expertise is needed. Members of subject councils may be either library assistants or librarians. It is envisioned that the subject councils will have more members than the function councils.

Susan Koskinen, Bioscience and Natural Resources Library, and Optometry Health Sciences Library 2012-2014

AUL Liaison:
Beth Dupuis, AUL and Director Doe/Moffitt

Rita Evans, Transportation Studies Library
Peter Hanff, The Bancroft Library
Debbie Jan, Public Health Library (Collection Services Council 2013-2105)
Chuck James, Earthquake Engineering Research Center Library
Charleen Kubota, Public Health Library
Jeffery Loo, Chemistry & Chemical Engineering Library & LBNL Liaision
Lisa Ngo, Engineering Library (Public Services Council 2012-2014)
Susan Powell, Earth Sciences and Map Library
Brian Quigley, Acting Director, Engineering and Physical Sciences Division (Collections Services Council, Collections Budget Group) (PSE representative)
Michael Sholinbeck, Public Health Library (Cataloging & Metadata Council)
Elliott Smith, Bioscience and Natural Resources Library (Web Advisory Group 2012-2014)
Samantha Teplitzky, Earth Sciences & Physical Sciences Librarian

Past Chairs
Mary Ann Mahoney, 2011-2012
Norma Kobzina, 2009-2011
Brian Quigley, 2007-2009
Jean McKenzie, 2005-2007
Bette Anton, 2003-2005
Nick Robinson, 2001-2003
Ann Jensen, 1999-2001

Meeting schedule:
8:30am - 10:00am, 1st and 3rd Thursdays, Bioscience and Natural Resources Library Conference Room

E-mail list:

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