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Electronic Communications policies


The Library provides several electronic channels for transmitting written information of interest to Library staff each channel has a distinct function. Persons submitting items are asked to consider and abide by the descriptions and functions set forth below when submitting/sending messages or articles. Although more than one channel could carry the same message, it saves your audience time if you only send information once.

Please note that University policies such as those pertaining to personal conduct, respect and civility in the campus community, use of University name and logo, or sexual harassment apply to the use of campus computing and network resources.

In utilizing electronic communications, all UCB Library employees will be in compliance with the provisions and guidelines of the following campus policies:

  • University of California Electronic Communications Policy, in particular, Section III: Allowable Use (pdf)
  • Principles of Community Statement, in particular
    We respect the differences as well as the commonalities that bring us together and call for civility and respect in our personal interactions.
  • Statement of Values, UC Berkeley Library, in particular
    Collegiality and Cooperation We show respect for each other by communicating in a friendly and courteous manner, listening attentively and encouraging the expression of differing points of views, and staying open to questions and opinions from others.

CU News


CU News has been in continuous publication since 1945. In 1994 it was upgraded to electronic form, and as of November 2007 is available to the general public. CU News is distributed once a week to all Library employees (via the allusers e-mail list) as well as to 125+ persons outside the library who have subscribed to the CU News e-mail list. List subscribers include persons at other UCs, at CSU campuses, at Stanford University, MIT, UC Office of the President, the California State Library, and a variety of other institutions. CU News articles are submitted by any member of the UC Berkeley Library staff to the CU News editor (Damaris Moore, Library Development Office).


  • CU News is the only Library publication which is electronically archived -- so items which may have historical interest should be scheduled to appear in CU News. (Items submitted by noon Wednesday appear in that Thursday's issue.)
  • CU News should be used to report events or transmit information of lasting library-wide interest on Library-related topics. This might include policy decisions; organizational structures; library landmarks; and for acknowledging staff contributions (e.g. publications; awards, etc.)

Revised September 14, 2009


The allusers email list is an important communication tool used for announcements on Library operations, policies and upcoming events. All library staff must subscribe to this list. Staff of the Affiliated Libraries may also subscribe.

  • Do not use for topics that require an ongoing discussion
  • Do not use for messages having historical significance -- mail lists are ephemeral.

Who can post to allusers:

Everyone who is a member of the list can post to the list. Staff members who use the list inappropriately will have their posting privileges revoked. Please see Civility and Email - UCB Library Tips and Guidelines for additional information.

Revised September 14, 2009


The Library provides the tuna email list for staff who desire to engage in discussion with fellow staff. This list can be used for discussions on library or non-library related topics. The tuna list is open to Library and Affiliated Library staff who choose to subscribe. tuna is short for the Swahili "tunaonana", meaning we are seeing one another.

Who can post to tuna

Everyone who has subscribed to the list can post to the list. Staff members who use the list inappropriately will have their posting privileges revoked. Please see Civility and Email - UCB Library Tips and Guidelines for additional information.

E-mail Lists


E-mail lists allow groups of individuals to participate in electronic communications.


Establish e-mail lists to include e-mail addresses of persons who have agreed to work as a team on a particular topic, or who are part of a defined group due to their job responsibilities.

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